When should you see your dentist about your gum ?

Just like a strong foundation supports the weight of a building, that’s how your gum acts as a strong hold or supports your teeth. When the teeth suffers it affects the gum. Poor oral health affect the gum and overall heath. The gum cannot be discussed without listing out ways you can care for your teeth. The teeth is your health, it enables you chew your food properly and for easy digestion, helping you pronounce words properly and speak fluently. You maintain a good smiling face when you have good dentition through dentistry.

How to effectively care for your gum and teeth

There are several ways you can care for your gum
1. Eat healthy – calcium is necessary for the active performance of the teeth, eat food rich in calcium e.g milk, seeds, cheese, canned salmon, some leafy greens,whey protein.
2. Eat less of sugary foods – when you eat sugary foods, there is a break down of sugars, acids are created which leads to acid build up on the teeth, which in turn causes dental problems that affects the gum. Brush your teeth regularly.
3. Teeth check up – make sure you visit a teeth professional or dentist regularly to examine your teeth.
4. Drinking enough water and by use of anti- bacteria mouth wash -this helps rinse our mouth and prevent tooth decay.
5. Chew sugarless gum – one of the essential ways care of your gum and teeth is by chewing gm, it produces saliva in your mouth, neutralizes the acid effect produced by bacteria.
6. Flossing – flossing is another way to get rid of suspended food particles, it is essential you remove suspended food particles that cannot be removed by brushing only. This helps the teeth and gums stay healthy. The question now is – when should you see your dentist about your gum?

When to see your dentist about your gum

Like mentioned earlier on, regular check up is important, visit your dentist at least every six months, once in every six months, your dentist examines your teeth and gums to make sure you don’t have any gum disease. Gums disease is an inflammation of the gums which in turn affects the bone that surrounds and hold your teeth in place. This results when a colourless, sticky film forms on the teeth, they can be removed when the teeth is brushed and flossed regularly. When they are allowed to build up they formed on the teeth there by causing plaque to build up and bacterias this in turn infect the teeth and gums. The gums tissue gradually wears out, the bones that gives support to the teeth starts falling out. You do not have to wait for your gum to be infected before visiting your dentist, you do it regularly. In some occasions you found out that your gums are now infected then an urgent visit to the dentist is required. Signs to look out for –

1. Gums that are red swollen or puffy2. Gums that are bleeding
3. Gums that are tender to touch
4. Teeth that are projected as a result of gums that have separated.
5. When you noticed that you have bad breath that refused to go away even when you brush your teeth
6. Painful chewing and when you loose your teeth.
Look out for all this serious warning signs, most importantly make sure you take care of your teeth and gums because is your overall health.