How your Google ranking can boost up your sales


When searching something in the web, most people will go straight to search engines, and there’s no doubt that Google is the most used anywhere in the world. Let’s face it, even when trying to go to a website that you already know, instead of typing the “www.” stuff in your browser, you simply type in the site’s name on Google and you’re done, it’s faster. Simple as that.

That’s why you can get more sales by being ranked high on google searches. Few customers will do a very extensive web research, they’ll look up for 3 to 5 websites, compare and make a decision. They won’t go over 3, 4 or 5 search page results to find the best deal or product, looking thru 30+ sites.

However, with increased competition, getting a top rank from Google or other search engine isn’t easy. You’ll need a well coordinated web presence powered by¬†Tampa SEO Company – Internet Marketing Experts – Free Consultations to show off your importance (or Authority, as normally referred in the SEO business) to be ranked in the top spots.

In order to get a top position in Google and get more sales by being ranked high on google searches your business (even if it’s “just” a blog) will need quality content, images and perhaps, videos. You’l need to coordinate all your web presence in your website, YouTube channel, Instagram and Pinterest profiles, Facebook fan page, etc. to be synchronized. And most importantly, your content must keep your users engaged. Returning visitors are a major contributor to increase your site’s relevancy in Google.

Another important factor are how much your website is linked back (there’s “backlinks” come from) around the web. The search engines consider that if your website is linked by other sites more often that your competition, it generally means that your content or website is better than your competitor’s.

There are several ways to shortcut this popularity path in the web, however, be aware that Google in more and more becoming smarter in detecting such shortcuts, and the penalties are heavy (and we’re not talking about cash fines here), but instead of going up in rankings you’ll go way down. So try to avoid this easy paths and reach for actual content and actual visitors, as in the long run it will certainly pay off.

Google will rank their website based on robots (or “bots”) that will scrape the web for new content. One thing is to attract a bot the check you website and later on deliver it as a result to a potential visitor, another is to engage real people. You might have content that may sound appealing to a computer, but won’t convert in sales when presented to real people. In other words, keep your SEO within certain limits, it is important, but it can’t kill your actual content, as a real person will spot a click bait website quickly, and as quickly will close the tab.

Finally, managing your SEO, your social media and all marketing channels can bring potential customers to your website, however, a first page Google placement, just by itself, won’t guarantee any sales.