Guidelines for sobriety

A guide to staying sober for men has been created by us to help men experiencing pressure , temptations , and stress to quit the bottle or any addiction . Staying sober is such a daunting task among men that the idea of a relapse is a scary feeling considering all the time , effort , sacrifices and dedication put into recovery. A study has shown that up to 90% of people in a long term sobriety period experience at least one relapse through the journey , having a positive lifestyle and a plan for relapse prevention in place will hopeful guarantee long sober life.

In this article we will provide you with the top 4 guidelines that will help men keep sober no matter what you will be going through , these guidelines are some of the most effective ways to Sober Living for Men;


It is essential that when trying to stay sober and prevent a relapse , old habits , routines , friends and even hangout spots must change . You need to develop new trends that are totally different from your previous ones and that are also constructive and beneficial , you can not make boring unrealistic changes and expect not to get tempted along the way , so it is paramount to make positive changes to your lifestyle to prevent any relapse from occurring . Get new friends , hang out spots , recreational activities and better ways to handle stress like attending help groups .


A strong will power will always over come anything as long as you believe. Temptations exist and come i different forms especially among men because our hectic , stressful lifestyles and responsibilities . Unlimited will power to preventing a relapse can only be attained through not letting an urge get the best of you , like if your see a good offer on your favorite drink on an ad and you turn it off immediately will strengthen your neutral connections making easier for you to resist more urges .


Most men i know always have a past time activity after a long day at the work place , other hit the bar , others smoke , others go for parties and social events to unwind and in these places you will likely find your favorite drink or drug , but if you shift and divert that stress to better activities such as sports , jogging and going to the gym , it will improve your physical and mental abilities , better your mood and prevent temptations .


If you are a man recovering from an addiction you will need a balanced diet including some veges , nuts , lean meat , fish , and poultry. This diet will help provide your body with the necessary vitamins and minerals . Include in your diet easily digestible foods like oatmeal’s , rice and fruits that will be able to reverse the effects of addiction in your body . Best to avoid caffeine which can trigger a hit! and consequently create an urge .

These are the top 4 ways that men can use to stay sober for a long time , opening up a healthier and productive life style preventing any relapse from occurring in your journey , following these steps will definitely provide a clean and sober life , you will be more productive and happy by just following these 4 steps and you will overcome , thanks you for your time .