Fashionable Jewelry is a Necessity


Jewelry is something of a necessity in the modern day for people who want to show that they are fashionable, successful or just a refined collector of accessories. It can be daunting, therefore, when an accessory that you paid so much for is broken and you’re unsure whether or not it can be repaired or if the repair will be affordable – worry not, this article extracted from will tell you how you can tell if your jewelry can be repaired.

When an item of jewelry is bought, it usually comes with some type of manufacturer’s warranty, so the first port of call is to check the receipt of your item or contact the store from which you bought it to check it is still under warranty at the time of damage. Warranties, however, usually only cover accidental damage or damage which is not of the buyer’s negligence (e.g. if your watch isn’t waterproof, you probably will have to pay a hefty sum for repair if you wear it to the pool) whatever is covered under your warranty means that any time your accessory is damaged by accident, you will almost always be able to repair or replace it free of charge.

What Is Broken?
Identifying the broken piece of a jewelry item and reporting that to the repair store or store from which it was bought will determine both if it can be repaired and the price of repair (if any is needed). This can be for example; links on a watch or chain necklace, a frozen timepiece on a digital watch or smartwatch, a bend in a bangle or a missing stone in a ring or necklace. It’s important to remember that repairs differ based on what is broken, in regards to time to repair, ability to repair, and cost of repair so selecting the original store is recommended heavily.

Early Signs
Early signs are good to prevent your jewelry being damaged beyond repair, so if you can spot them, you are better off. This can be anything from a loose gem or stone to a faulty tick in a watch or even having to constantly re-adjust your ring/necklace/watch/bracelet. If these early signs arise immediate attention is recommended then you can rest assured that it can be repaired knowing that you did not let it exceed a damaged state. Quick development of rust and scratches can also be a sign of bad quality jewelry and should be checked for authenticity as soon as possible.

How Do I Tell?
So, the burning question; HOW do I know it CAN be repaired? Simple, if you search online the make and model of your jewelry item (usually written somewhere on the piece or item receipt) – you can find out it the problem you are having is common or uncommon, the cost to get it fixed and the best places for it with reviews all around the web. If they have discontinued certain items or pieces from production, this will also come up online. The best and most straightforward way to know if it can be repaired though is to TAKE IT TO A JEWELLER and nine times out of ten they can let you know on the spot if it can be repaired or not!

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