Baton Rouge – A Land Of Outstanding Attractions

Baton Rouge is a beautiful city home for many important industries and attractions. It is one of the best places in the world to work and stay. This beautiful city is located in the southeast part of Louisiana State and along the banks of the Mississippi River.

This is the capital city of Louisiana State. This is the second largest city in this state with a total population estimated at about seven hundred thousand. This beautiful city was established by the French as a military post in 1719. The city got its name when French explorers noticed a red cypress tree making a boundary between Houma and Bayou Goula. These two places were the hunting grounds for local tribes. They referred to the tree as ‘le baton rouge’ which means red stick in French. In terms of local news, this is the latest piece that we found

The city was under the control of seven countries following the European settlement. Several French-speaking settlers took shelter in rural Louisiana as they were exiled by British forces during the seventeenth century.

The city was incorporated in the year 1817 and later on in 1849; it became the capital of the state. The city took the route of steady development as it became the center of steamboat trade and transportation. Baton Rouge was one of the rapidly growing cities in the south. Here you will know some happening things in Baton Rouge.

The city is full packed with a range of prominent attractions and is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations. One can locate a range of attraction outside the city or around the adjacent region. It includes several museums, theme and water parks, casinos riverboats and several other attractions.

One of the major attractions among the young people and children in this city is the Blue Bayou, Water Park. It offers around twenty exciting and thrilling high water slides along with a triple seven-story serpentine slide. It also exhibits Rajin’ Cajun speed slide. This park offers a great range of spine-tingling water rides and waterworks to amuse the guests of all ages. It also offers an intense ride in form of the Mad Moccasin.

If you want to check out your luck in gambling then, Baton Rouge offers you two popular casino riverboats. The Casino Rouge and the Argosy Casino are two of the most noticeable casinos in the city. These casinos generally remain on the dock and offer great live music and buffets along with several gaming tables altogether. These riverboat casinos are there at your service day and night. These casinos remain on the dock alongside the riverbanks providing a great scenic way to gamble.

The Baton Rouge’s Enchanted Mansion Doll Museum is another must-visit attraction of the city that offers a splendid array of dolls. This is home to some of the most historically significant and beautiful dolls in the world. This museum exhibits dolls from all over the world that is most gorgeous and enchanting.

People can also go around this city to visit other beautiful attractions like for instance the Old Governor’s Mansion which is a spectacular mansion and a perfect example of stucco Georgian construction. This mansion was designed by James Hoban and in order to get acquainted with White House in Washington; Governor Huey P. Long constructed the building.